What is Sex, Power and Play?
Sex, Power and Play is a 3-day workshop designed to help singles and couples learn how to create amazing intimate relationships in their lives. Brought to you by Maven Communications Pte Ltd, the workshop helps participants create the type of intimate and loving relationships they dream about.

Inspired by the revolutionary teachings of David Deida and other leaders, the workshop offers teachings and advanced practices - alone, face-to-face with partners or in groups, all to help bring more authenticity, depth and intimacy to participants' relationships. Many people around the world have already been touched by the teachings and wisdom.

Led by world-class facilitators who bring their extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn't in relationships, participants will learn how to make art out of the differences that inevitably occur between partners and how to avoid the hidden pitfalls in intimate relationships.

Who should attend?
- Couples in committed relationships looking to inject more spice and fun into their intimate moments
- Engaged or newly-married couples looking to jumpstart their love lives
- Singles looking to learn how to attract the partner of their dreams
- Individuals who are looking to establish strong and passionate relationships
- Men who are looking to understand women and how to handle them
- Women who are looking to understand men and how to attract them

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What people say about Sex, Power and Play?

Allan & Frances, Hong Kong

Angela and Jasmine, Singapore 
Min Xian, Malaysia


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